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Our goal at Mikula Chiropractic is simple yet empowering:  to eliminate nerve interference in the spine to allow for an improved bodily function and a better quality of life!

This nerve interference is called a subluxation.  If a subluxation is present, the communication between the body and brain becomes dysfunctional.  This results in a decreased expression of health and function which could manifest in many ways.

Do people come for headaches?  Sure.  Do people come for back aches?  Sure.  Do people come for soreness, stiffness, and nerve pain?  Sure.  Great results happen!

More importantly, people come to keep a healthy nerve supply and optimize body function!

We use years of practice experience and scientific technology to analyze your spine and develop a chiropractic plan for you!

Dr. Brian and Dr. Jean carefully, safely, and effectively analyze each person’s spine to find the subluxations that are present.

The analysis includes the use of the Insight Subluxation Station: a machine certified by the Space Foundation.  The Subluxation Station uses technology developed for NASA to measure the effects of space flight on the spines of space shuttle astronauts. The insight measures factors such as nerve function and muscle tension for evaluation of physiological function.

Drs. Brian and Jean use adjustments to help correct vertebral subluxations.  The adjustments are precise and use the proper amount of force, whether the spine is that of a newborn, a teen, an athlete, an expecting mother, or a grandparent. 

You will receive the best chiropractic care possible at our office! 

We also encourage you take advantage of our massage services.  Along with body relaxation, massage can improve blood oxygen levels, decrease muscle stress, improve circulation and improve flexibility.

Whether new to our office or returning, we welcome you all!