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Dr. Brian Mikula

Dr. Brian Mikula















Dr. Brian was grooving:  It was the early 1990s, and he taught classes in public speaking and radio/TV writing and direction at the awesome University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  Yet in 1991, he was limping and could hardly walk.  Then, while limping through the Arbor Town Mall in 1991, Dr. Brian first learned about chiropractic.  Sciatica was plaguing him, and medical help proved fruitless.  Dr. Brian began regular (and frequent!) chiropractic care and adjustments, and soon his sciatica left.  Dr. Brian pointedly asked lots of questions; he didn’t blindly accept something without understanding it.

It was through this questioning that he understood the true value of the chiropractic adjustment:  more than symptom relief, chiropractic improves the function of the nervous system.  Since the nervous system regulates overall body function, removing problems (subluxations) in the nervous system means improving body function.

Shocking his family and friends with his new purpose in life, he moved to Spartanburg, South Carolina to study chiropractic at Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic.  Many in his family knew very little about chiropractic, or had even heard disparaging misinformation about chiropractic.  Despite family misgivings, he immersed himself in chiropractic philosophy, science and art in order to improve the heath of the families he would meet.

Schooling went from the Fall of 1992 until December of 1995.  Dr. Brian received the prestigious Milton W. Garfunkel award upon graduating.  This award is given to a student with high academic honors and who displays the best understanding of chiropractic philosophy, science and art.

Dr. Brian and Dr. Jean Mikula opened Mikula Chiropractic in January of 1996.  Since then, the office has had the pleasure of serving thousands of people in the community.  Dr. Brian has given many presentations to local schools and organizations to make people aware of the tremendous benefits of chiropractic.

Dr. Brian continued his role as classroom educator as well:  since 1997, he has taught courses in human anatomy and physiology to students at Grand Rapids Community College.

Dr. Brian is a member (and former officer) of the IFCO (International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations) and was a founding member of the Advancing Chiropractic organization.  These organizations serve as the vanguard of chiropractic for the public; Dr. Brian wants to make sure that his family, friends, and community will always be allowed the privilege of chiropractic adjustments.

Dr. Brian's three children live in Northeast Grand Rapids. When not in the office or the classroom, you can find Dr. Brian on the hockey rink, in the movie theater, on the softball field, or at the table playing strategy games

Dr. Jean Mikula
Dr. Jean Mikula


Dr. Jean Mikula graduated cum laude in 1995 from Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic, in South Carolina.  Within one month of graduation, she and Dr. Brian Mikula opened their office to serve the families of West Michigan.  Dr. Jean has had extensive study and practice working with people of all ages:  from pregnant moms and seniors, to newborns and children.  Her focus is “optimal health and wellness for the entire family.”

Dr. Jean Mikula has become one of the leading health and wellness advocates in Grand Rapids.  Her belief that “the strength of the community depends on the health of its residents” spurs her contribution to education and promotion of health and wellness in Grand Rapids.  She has promoted child safety and educational topics for the local schools, including providing free “Backpack Safety” checks to the children of the community.  In addition, she is often found providing free spinal screenings at local health fairs and gyms.

Dr. Jean enjoys spending time with family, watching movies, gardening, biking, playing pickleball, reading books and yoga.  She resides in the Northeast side of Grand Rapids. She has three children:  Nick, Ben and Stephanie.

Sherri Deleon
Sherri Deleon

Sherri Deleon graduated from Olympia Career Training Institute with her Massage Therapy certification.  She feels that while a relaxing Swedish massage with aroma therapy oil is nice, her expertise is deep tissue, pin and stretch, and sports massage. She is a big believer in stretching and proprioceptive neuromuscular techniques.

Sherri is a Northview alum (Go Wildcats!) and has six children in the Northview School District.
She is excited to be part of the great team at Mikula Chiropractic, and looks forward to meeting you!




Donna Jenkins
Donna Jenkins

Donna Jenkins came to Mikula Chiropractic after working for many years in the public school system. Serving as a Front Desk Chiropractic Assistant, Donna's love for people is evident as she provides the outstanding service and support that the adults and children of our practice have come to expect. Everyone is greeted by her heartwarming smile as she manages our front desk with grace and ease.

With her years of experience in the public school system it should come as no surprise that Donna is a key part of our education program. She has dedicated her career to doing her part to educate every new practice member that comes through our doors.

In her free time you will find Donna spending time with family. Her other personal pursuits include gardening, volunteering, walking, and reading a good novel.


Kati Thompson
Kati Thompson

Kati Thompson comes to Mikula Chiropractic from a medical office and has years of customer service experience. She is friendly and a people-person.

In her free time, Kati enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 children, crafting and crocheting. She loves all animals, but her hedgehogs have a special place in her heart.






Janine Allen
Janine Allen

Janine Allen has enjoyed her many years of medical billing. She has experience billing for internal medicine, podiatry, brain injury rehabilitation, pediatrics, and chemotherapy. She is excited to bring her vast knowledge to Mikula Chiropractic!

Janine’s passion is for horses, and she has been riding since she was a child. She used to show registered quarter horses with her brother, and now she is a member of a riding group that meets up for riding trips throughout the year. Other hobbies Janine enjoys are hiking, golf, yoga, and reading.

She is an avid volunteer for the Grand Rapids Public Museum, and is involved in children’s programs and exhibit presentations.