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What should I expect during my session?
Before your session, you will be asked to fill out a short history/medical form. In addition, your massage therapist will discuss any concerns or problem areas you may have. You will be asked
to remove your clothing (underpants may stay on, if you prefer), lay face down on the table, and cover yourself with the sheets provided. Your body will be covered with a sheet or blanket
during your entire session.

When is a massage NOT recommended?

If there has been an injury or surgery or in the case of certain cancers, your massage therapist will make certain there are no contradictions to massage. Pregnancy massage is delayed
until after the first trimester.

Should I be quiet, or can I talk or ask questions?

The most important thing is that you are relaxed and comfortable during your session. If you have a concern or feel discomfort at any time, you need to let your therapist know. Most people
enjoy listening to the soft music, and some people even fall asleep!

Will I be sore afterward?

Muscle soreness may be noticeable for up to 24 hours after a massage. Drinking plenty of water after your massage may prevent this from occurring. In addition, drinking lots of water will
help minimize and excrete the toxins in your system.

How old is too old?
How young is too

There is no preferred age! Everyone benefits from massage.

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