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Sitting in my car at a red light or standing in line at the grocery store…I cannot help it! I am silently critiquing your posture. I cannot help it because I am a chiropractor. It’s what I do for a living. 

What does your posture say about you? Do you appear confident and healthy? Or, do you appear sad, stressed, or depressed? 

How is your posture as you read this article? Are you in bed, on a couch, or at a desk? Is your head stacked nicely on top of your shoulders, and are your shoulders in line with your hips? Or, are your shoulders rounded, is your head forward, or your hips rounded or slouched? When you look at yourself in a mirror, is one shoulder or one hip higher than the other? 

In my office, I perform a posture assessment as part of a chiropractic examination. Early on in practice (20-25 years ago), it used to be that postural distortions were mostly observed in the elderly or in those with scoliosis (abnormal curving of the spine).  In the last 10-20 years, with the overuse of technology, teens and even elementary school-aged children are coming in with headaches, neck pain, and shoulder pain. Many have, what is now being called, “text neck” or “tech neck.” That occurs when the neck misaligns, creating forward head posture. This can eventually lead to developing a “hump” in the upper back. 

How can I improve my posture? Watch how you are sitting and standing and moving throughout the day, and make improvements as necessary. Buddy up with a friend or family member and evaluate each other. Take frequent breaks from your computer or phone, and do stretches or yoga poses (I love Child’s pose)! Also, get a chiropractic evaluation!  Chiropractors can detect minor issues before they become BIG ones. Chiropractors are uniquely trained to evaluate posture and alignment. We perform specific adjustments to misaligned areas in the spine. Adjustments help improve alignment, keeping pressure off the delicate nerves that control brain-body communication. Improved alignment = improved health!  

So, what does your posture say about YOU?

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