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A serious and potentially disabling effect of subluxation.

progressivespinaldeg2022One of the more serious and potentially disabling effects of subluxation is progressive spinal degeneration. This process is relentless and is indifferent to the age of the unsuspecting victim.

Spinal subluxation degeneration begins shortly after the manifestation of subluxation. Research indicates that the degenerative process may begin within 10 days to 2 weeks upon acquiring a subluxation. It will progress until it has completely destroyed the disc and fused the spine, a potentially crippling and disabling state. If that is not bad enough, subluxation degeneration may destroy the spinal nerve system as it progresses, leading to further health problems.

Subluxation degeneration is characterized by 4 phases:

Phase 1:

  • Spinal distortions visible on x-ray
  • Abnormal nerve function
  • Disc, joint and muscle swelling, inflammation or damage
  • Minimal symptoms, if any

Phase 2:

  • Disc degeneration, decay and instability
  • Abnormal nerve function and transmission
  • Abnormal calcium production and the beginning of arthritic spurring
  • Increase in symptoms or none at all

Phase 3:

  • Severe disc degeneration and decay, bone fusion begins
  • Severe nerve interference, nerve failure begins
  • Massive arthritic spurring, deformed vertebra and advanced calcium deposits on the spine
  • Severe symptoms or none at all
  • Muscular atrophy or weakness, permanent scar tissue and adhesions

Phase 4:

  • Complete spinal fusion, massive bone deformation and severe arthritis
  • Nerve system failure, and possible nerve death
  • Failure of related organ systems
  • Muscular atrophy or paralysis, loss of feeling and numbness
  • A potentially terminal condition has been created

The signs of each phase may be apparent or not.  It’s best to seek out the expertise of a qualified spine specialist and have regular spinal exams.

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