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Chiropractic shows great promise to the relief of parents.

article ADHD 2Recent studies linking an increase in cancer rates and depression to stimulant medications commonly prescribed in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have many parents seeking alternative treatments. Some parents have found hope in chiropractic.

Doctors of Chiropractic are offering promising results with non-drug treatments that focus on postural muscles, nutrition and lifestyle changes that affect brain activity. This approach offers non-invasive treatment that targets the underlying problems, not just symptoms and is showing promise in the treatment of ADHD and learning disabilities.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with ADHD or has the symptoms, ask your Doctor of Chiropractic about treatment options. To reduce your child’s risk, take these steps to safeguard the health of your child beginning at the earliest stages of life:

Rest and Relaxation: Stress can affect the health of your unborn baby. Relax during pregnancy. Make your home a calm, peaceful environment. Think about the activities that relax you and incorporate them into your day.

Take Extra Care: Avoid medications, nicotine, alcohol, and other drugs while pregnant. Study after study has shown these substances to be harmful to the health of your unborn baby.

Proper Nutrition: The first months and years of a child’s life are critical to physical and psychological development. Breast milk is the ideal food for babies providing all the essential nutrients they need for development in the most digestible format. When solid foods are introduced remember that nutritional habits start early. Instilling proper eating habits now ensures a lifetime of healthy eating.

Remove as many processed foods from your child’s diet as possible. Food dyes, sugar, preservatives, and additives cause reactions in many people. Focus on natural and organic foods with minimal pesticides and herbicides. Prepare family meals using fresh ingredients rather than processed foods from a box.

The Allergy Connection: Determine if symptoms may be the result of an allergy. Allergies and food sensitivities affect brain chemistry and often allergy symptoms can mimic those of ADHD and learning disabilities.

Chemicals Exposed: Avoid the use of pesticides and other chemicals in the home.

Chiropractic Care: Regular chiropractic adjustments ensure your child’s nervous system is functioning properly, allowing your child to experience optimal health and wellness. Symptoms don’t have to be present for your child to benefit from a regular chiropractic adjustment.  Symptoms are the last indication of a health condition.

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